Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My "Greatest" Masterpieces

There is much in this world that I have created... Drawings, murals, sets, interior designs, classrooms, faith, belief, trust, character. The list is exponential, like the math taught down the hall from my art room. Furthermore, I have helped others to create not only art; but their own identities.

I treasure all that I have created. The good, the bad. The surreal, the sublime. When I reflect on my creative endeavours, only few are priceless. Of these, the lives I have created, my children, are my greatest masterpieces. I have stared at the countenance of the Pieta, and stood before the Birth of Venus. I've traveled the world in search of the beautiful faces painted and immoratalized by the great master's; yet, the faces that inspire me most are the counteneces of my own children.

My creations love, unconditionally. Their arms, like little rays of love, wrap around me, and brighten my soul with inspiring, warmth. My muses, my blessings, my children!

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