Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking About Teaching

Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically about Their Practice and Learn from Experience.
Having been a teacher for nine years, I have had many educational experiences to reflect upon. Many of the lessons that have educated me most about my profession were the experiences shared with students and the process of creating relationships with them. Educated persons, exemplify virtues they seek to inspire in students for me these qualities include: creativity, excellence, empathy, respect for diversity and appreciation of various cultures and their artifacts. I have gained much knowledge of learning, instruction, technology, curriculum development and educational psychology in various graduate coursework, as well as, from my own personal endeavors working with colleagues, various PLC’s, and through inward reflection of my own educational journey. This understanding allows me to make educated judgments and use the ideal practice for each student group I work with. My teaching and student interactions are rooted in sound, research based, proven strategies that not only create effective and efficient artistic, academic, and personal growth of each of my students; but also in their experience. I engage in lifelong learning which I seek to encourage in my students. I continually examine and reflect personally on my practice. I reflect with my department and colleagues to re-evaluate and change what is not working and continually work to strengthen my curriculum and teaching. My educational repertoire is deepened through graduate coursework, PLC participation, new ideas and theories that I continually evaluate, current topics in education and technology and a personal goal to be a successful teacher and human being. I plan to continue to offer and attend seminars and workshops which promote my professional development and to share theses experiences with colleagues and students. I will continue association and actively participate with professional organizations which promote art, arts education, and avdvocacy for both. I am currently an active member of The National Art Education Association, Education Minnesota Union, The Minnesota Art Education Association, and various online Arts Communities.

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