Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I believe...

All students have the capacity to learn, understand, and create art. Commitment to my students' learning begins with my own education. Most importantly, I myself am committed to life-long learning and the pursuit of knowledge. The foundation for my students' sucess begins with both my understanding of the content and curriculum of art as well as my continual quest for best practices in art, technology, communication and education. Knowledge of content supports effective instruction, but for students to be truly successful I must also understand their diverse learning needs. To ensure this happens I begin my teaching philosophy with a simple concept. Get to know my students. According to Neito, author of A Light In Their Eyes, the teacher student relationship is on of the strongest indicators a student will succeed in the classroom. For this reason major emphasis is placed on getting to know my students as individuals through bellwork, art projects, group and team building excercises and formative and portfolio assessments.
One way I show my commitment is through goal setting for myself. It is my goal that all learners in my art courses meet the local, state, and national standards in art and technology. Furthermore, it is my personal goal that all students gain an understanding of empathy and character that effects positive change towards humanity.

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